Empowered Intuitive Sept 2017

Empowered Intuitive Sept 2017

Date: 04-Sep-2017
Capacity: 11 (100% booked)



Date  :
 Starts September, replays available
Time :  11am - 12 pm AEST
Venue  :
 Online teleconference, your favorite chair
Price  :
 Deposit $197 by 26th August 2017
Ph :
 0411 389 811
Email    info@alkymia.com.au




Are you a sensitive, empath, or intuitive, and been feeling stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, uncertain, discouraged, confused, unclear, scattered, emotional, lost and feeling unsupported?

Learn powerful and effective ways to harness and develop your intuitive abilities to support YOU

•    Awakening your higher spiritual gifts
•    Access techniques to reclaim your powerful empathic skills
•    Understand the hidden potential of being an empowered empath
•    Break through the negative patterns blocking your intuitive abilities
•    Stand in your strengthened integrated healthy boundaries
•    Deepen trust in guidance, current gifts and talents
•    Use your gifts to actualize your life purpose
•    Amplify a clear pathway to connection to the Divine and the Earth
•    Align to your soul blueprint to to create personal and life success


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This is what others have said: 

•    You’ll experience incredible shifts and changes with this transformational work. Sarah – psychic, intuitive healer

•    My spirituality was heightened with immense vibrational changes. I always felt supported, and recommend it to those who would like to connect to their true self.   Tina – Sparkly Colour Healing Artist

•    The technology has made the course extremely personal! It strikes right to the heart of the soul, what an incredible teacher and you’ve stepped fully into your power. Deb- empath

•    This was so powerful; it should come with a warning… “this may change your life”. The flow on effects have been unprecedented -truly profound. Gemma – healing artist, fitness coach

•    Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability within the group. I love how deeply you care for each of us and push us to strive for more in ourselves. Lisa – intuitive healer

Through the 12 week Empowered Intuitive program, you’ll brighten the light within, as you reflect and embrace your inner essence, and fully step into the light of your amazing gifts and talents you’re bringing to the world.

In this Alkymia program, you’ll experience the wisdom and transformative power of ancient traditions and proven spiritual tools and practice… you’ll embark on a journey discover your hidden gifts, embrace and magnify current gifts, to emerge and step into your brilliance.

Using your gifts is essential to actualize your Life Purpose, which will open new doorways of opportunities and possibilities. In this way, you’ll be able to embody your authentic self and live an abundant, inspiring, and harmonious life.

Feel more optimism, enthusiasm, and energised, while having clarity, living from the power of your gifts and YOUR potential.

There will be play-sheets, meditations, videos, Q & A, and deep dives to implement immediately into your everyday life, so you can see results straight away. There will be weekly calls and an exclusive group forum for you to collaborate with other like -minded gifted people.

Here's what you'll receive: for the next 12 weeks
•    3x one-hour group calls a month, plus replays
•    3x one-hour, 1-to-1 personal Self-Mastery sessions
•    Private EXCLUSIVE Online Facebook Group - To connect and receive support from other HIGH-VIBE, Gifted Women
•    Resources, Videos, Play sheets and Action steps to take between sessions, including customised PLANS to reach your individual Goals

If you'd like to inquire further, please email or call



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For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure. I believe there is healing potential locked inside plants, which is integral with their evolution, just as it is part of human evolution to learn to tap into this wonderful gift of Nature - Rudolf Steiner

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Mariangela is a true healer. I had seen so many other therapists,but she was the only one that made a difference.

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