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Boost Spleen Health

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Spleen provides the nourishment and defence for our body but also support and nourish our mind and spirit as we transition through life. In Chinese Medicine it is considered an earth element, providing stability and security both physically and emotionally. 

Spleen is also responsible for providing warmth and vitality to the body, providing energy for immune function and the mental energy and creativity work.

Periods of prolonged stress, unhealthy or irregular eating habits, and mental over-work can weaken the Spleen, leading to anxiety, fatigue, decreased immunity and weakened digestion.

When our Earth energy is in balance we are grounded, stable and feel nourished and it’s easy to adapt to changing conditions.  Giving and receiving come easily, we have compassion and are able to connect to those around us.

The emotion associated with an unbalanced Earth energetic is doubt or worry, which can manifest as over-thinking, or anxiety.  Like the Earth a worried mind goes around and round without stopping.  Having so much energy in the head is taxing on the body energy and leaves us un-grounded.

People with an imbalance in the Earth element will have a tendency to focus on the needs of others at the expense of their own and will often have trouble with receiving help themselves.  They tend to over cater and will always find something or someone to worry about.

Take a minute to check in with yourself…
How solid on the ground are you feeling today?  
How easy is it to just go with the flow?

Spleen (& pancreas) is the controller of the digestive function, regulating, balancing and nourishing.

The Spleen controls the muscles –  In health the muscles and flesh will be firm, strong healthy. The person will feel weak and weary. The state of the Spleen is the most important factor in determining the amount of physical energy a person feels.

The Spleen is the origin of Blood –  Proper it is essential for the generation of Blood.  Deficiency of in this area will appear as slight blood deficiency to anaemia.

The Spleen lifts and holds – especially along the midsection of the body keeping the organs in their places. If the Spleen is weak there will be prolapse in the body.

The Spleen loathes cold and dampness –  Too much raw, cold or damp forming foods chill the digestive fire and create heavy, thick and sticky body patterns like yeast, weight gain and oedema.

Patterns of Spleen imbalances include:
Spleen weakness – exhaustion, fatigue, lack of appetite, undigested food in stools, loose stools.  Seen in patterns like MS, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Slow digestion, weight gain, prolapsing of organs, aching muscles, exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, chronic infections, allergies, chronic fatigue pattern, and yeast.

Some ways to take care of your Spleen:

•    To maintain a healthy, balanced Earth energy it’s important to look after the digestive system.  Some foods to support Earth element are carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin and sweet corn, passion fruit and berries. Keeping a consistent daily routine with regular meal times, exercise and sleeping patterns also helps us stay in balance.

•    Don’t worry, be happy! Worry, anxiety, and overthinking are the emotions that are associated with the Spleen, and these emotions in excess impact your health.

•    Have your dinner by 6 or 7pm at the latest – this gives your Stomach a chance to rest along with all your other organs! If you eat a lot or heavy foods at night, then you are making your Stomach work overtime when it should be resting.

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