Essential Vitality

Essential Vitality

Essential Vitality (2 hour session)

When was the last time you felt energised? You have the capacity to turn that around.

It may come from systemic inflammation, adrenal exhaustion (fight – flight response), draining people in your life, negative thinking, and spiritually out of balance.

Your health is everything, and looking after it is essential.

When you value your body and listening its needs, you’ll notice where you are squandering your vitality.

  • Ignite your spark

  • Prevent physical and emotional drain

  • Activate your wellspring of energy

  • Feel motivated, and preserve your dynamic energy

  • Live a life of vitality and joy.

The 2-hour session, is broken down to 2x 1 hour sessions.

I look forward to working with you to create new patterns of success, and together we can realise your desires.

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The initial consultation and follow up session, are $220 for both.

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