Close the Gaps

Close the Gaps

  • Date : Wednesday 12th December
  • Location : Online teleconference, your favourite chair
  • Time : 7:30pm- 845pm (call in 5 mins before the start)
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This Master Class to close the gaps & unleash ultimate success in 2019

BREAKTHROUGH the top 3 blocks, that have created resistance in 2018, discover the key strengths that will help to unleash ultimate success in 2019.

Discover HOW to unlock, attract and accelerate your aligned path of prosperity, by releasing the patterns that spin our wheels, and unfulfilled intentions from the beginning of 2018.


•    Tidy up any loose ends, anything left undone, or unresolved, to close the gaps to the old stories from 2018

•    Release the limiting habits that haven’t completely aligned with your VISION

•    Transform lack, fear, struggle and old sabotage

•    Connect to your inner resources and strengths, to expand your gifts and potential

•    Plug into an infinite supply, trusting all of life organising to support you

•    Takes your foot OFF the brake, to succeed in 2019

•    Align your unique prosperity path to freedom, ease, joy and abundance

•    Blend mystical, ancient wisdom tools with the practical for real world RESULTS

•    Open the doors to ultimate success in 2019, aligning the inner and outer world, to manifest your goals and dreams




Who this is for

Join the community of Heart -centred people, sensitives, intuitives, creatives, medicine women, mystics, healers, storytellers, artists, and light-workers.

Ready to up-level their success,and take aligned action towards their dreams.

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Discover where you are out of sync with your divine design

How your purpose aligns to your sacred prosperity

Reclaim your powerful medicine and be a conscious creator of your destiny

Discover your soul gifts, own your spiritual power, activate your life purpose.

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Mariangela has powerful shamanic abilities, just like the healers in my home land.

Miguel, Peru