group programs

Group programs

Healing practitioners, healers, artists, creatives, therapists, musicians, trainers, counsellors, intuitives, writers, photographers, teachers, light workers, and medicine women.

These courses are you if you have a deep COMMITMENT to practising spiritual healing, and want to create greater change within, for others, animals and nature.

This work is a transformational process as you TAKE ACTION, and step up to a higher level of empowerment, inspiration and healing.

Up level your success with a community of like-heart centred others who share the same journey of aligning your healing energy within an encouraging, supportive group designed to reveal your multi – healing gifts and being a powerful contribution.

Our Multi-Dimensional Classroom:

Alkymia Energie Healing ™ certification courses include mentoring, energy alignment, attunements, transmissions, meditations, healing techniques. Weaving current knowledge and awakening dormant strengths, multi-gifts, to step into the fullness of your healing potency. Everyone’s success raises up everyone else in the group, and opens the door to creating a transformational community.

Students engage through many channels of contact, including group tele-class conference calls plus replays, video training, modules, a private 24/7 Facebook group, monthly private one-to-one mentoring sessions.

The Promise of the Programs:

Discover how to Heal, Thrive and Grow with the Alkymia Energie Healing spiritual system, with a double-satisfaction guarantee of transformation and lasting change.

Certification:  Students receive a certificate of completion in Alkymia Energie Healing 1 and 2.

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Alkymia is the answer you've been seeking.
“We are the keepers of an intuitive intelligence so powerful it can show us how to heal. It's time re-claim that wisdom, look inside yourself and find the answers”.

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Mariangela has powerful shamanic abilities, just like the healers in my home land.

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