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Illness may often be an opportunity created within one's life to change and transform. If seen in this way, it can be approached with less resistance. Opening up to spiritual healing could be the missing component to a complete recovery. Discover ways to release blockages, heighten intuition, clear programmed patterns and limited beliefs, so that you can ultimately live the life you were destined to enjoy. Working in a group enhances the dynamic shifting process, and accelerates transformation.


Alkymia Energie Healing Level 1 & 2, March 2019

 Design Yr Destiny 2019 Jan


Close the Gaps & Unleash Ultimate success in 2019  12th December

Awaken Your Wealth Blueprint - June

Own Your Spotlight- May

Radiant Woman 8th March

Designed Destiny 2018 - January

Level 1 - February 2018


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“We are the keepers of an intuitive intelligence so powerful it can show us how to heal. It's time re-claim that wisdom, look inside yourself and find the answers”.

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Mariangela awakened me to my path, such a beautiful shining light. 

Alice, Hobart