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One single remedy is chosen which matches the symptom picture of the person. Not only can Homoeopathy treat disease, it can resolve the underlying inherited weakness.

It works by balancing the vital force within the body. It causes a series of chain reactions within the body, which then allows the body to readjust, and self heal. It is a vibrational medicine.

Treatment is complete when the whole body responds on all levels, emotional, mental and physical.

The consultation involves a different form of questioning, these include: fears, food cravings, desires or aversions, dreams, and environmental preferences, as well as other physical symptoms.

Both acute and chronic conditions respond well to treatment. It is safe to use on infants, children, the elderly and animals. There are no toxic side effects.

Only small doses are required, and the remedies are inexpensive.   



Illness is often caused by unresolved emotional issues. These emotions can cause blockages within the body. They can prevent the energy flowing properly to different organs. Blocked emotions may be stored since childhood, or they may be recent.

Flower essences assist the body to release these issues, which may be holding the person back. It works on the subtle energy of the body. They help to resolve the negative emotion, and transform it into a positive.

There is no problem with compliance, and they can be used safely on infants, children, the elderly and animals.

Dr Edward Bach from England compiled his Bach flower remedies in the 1800's. Since then Ian White created his extensive Australian Bush flower essences. The Californian flower remedies, originated in America, and the Perelandra essences work at a higher spiritual level. Liquid Crystal remedies embody the healing properties of the crystal and when taken internal brings great changes.



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