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Ignite your Voice

Ignite your Voice

IGNITE YOU VOICE (4 week on-line program)
Everything you've ever wanted literally depends on your ability to embrace your authentic voice, expand and step into your truth.
When our vocal tone matches what we intend to communicate, something profound happens:
•    People respond to us with trust and respect.
•    We feel more deeply seen.   
•    We stand in our authentic power.

Imagine how you will BE, by the end of the 4-week series... you’ll be ready to embrace your wholeness, harness your unique voice and show up in your own life in a way that is authentically you.
This is for those who would like to improve connection and communication with your partner, with your children, with your work colleagues, with your clients, and if you have a greater message to share with the world, then this is for you.

Are you ready to transform, be inspired, and infuse vitality into your voice and life?
How would your life be different if you powerfully expressed your Voice in your life?
What could you accomplish when you speak from your heart-centre?

The 4-week on-line program you’ll learn:
Release the old patterns of fear- based speaking
Understand how we silently judge and abandon our voice
Shed the habit of being silenced

•    The #1 thing you need to learn in order to Trust your Voice
•    Learn how to speak from a place of authenticity and honesty
•    The key elements for speaking in alignment
•    Techniques to unlock and awaken your intuitive voice
•    How Voice opens the FLOW for more abundance into your life
•    Embody and sustain clear communication, with dignity and integrity
•    Using shamanic techniques, awakening speaking from your true essence, creating peace, building trust and opens up a stream of possibilities.  
Watch free series: Video 1, Video 2,   Video 3

Includes: activations, attunements, tools, meditations, release processes, wisdom, play-sheets, videos, Q & A, and motivation POWER ACTIONS you can use to ignite and expand your voice. Plus connect to a supportive online community. Replay’s will be available for you to listen at your convenience. 24/7 Private Facebook group.

Together we will be connecting with laser-focused intention to expand & Ignite your Voice.
We wrap up with your inspired POWER actions, and motivate you for the week to come.
I'd love YOU to join me, others around the world.
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Alkymia is the answer you've been seeking.
“We are the keepers of an intuitive intelligence so powerful it can show us how to heal. It's time re-claim that wisdom, look inside yourself and find the answers”.

Expand your Higher spiritual gifts

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Having been in the darkness, Mariangela turned my life around. I'm so much happier now.

Sharon, Hobart