More people today are unable to tolerate many elements in their environment, which is based on manufactured products, chemicals and synthetics. Fortunately there are many healing strategies that can be employed to alleviate the symptoms. Naturopathy encompasses many modalities.

Herbal medicine

Profound effects can be seen with the use of Western Herbal Medicine. The whole plant, flowers and roots are used, as a tincture, and formulated on the premises to meet your unique particular needs. A range of herbal tablets, nutritional supplements, creams and teas are also available.


Balances and removes blockages from the meridians and nervous system, reducing allergies and intolerances. The technique brings equilibrium to the body. It can shift the emotion associated to the distressing allergen, allowing the body to regain optimal health.

Body Talk

The BodyTalk System synchronises and balances the body and mind. Linking to the innate wisdom of the body by using neuromuscular biofeedback. Body systems are re-connected and improve the mechanisms of the body restoring function to optimal levels.


Our soils over time have been leached of essential minerals, and the levels of vitamins in our vegetables are greatly diminished. Looking at ways to support the Nutritional needs of the body; and restoring the vital elements - water, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and exercise.


Assists in the interpretation of underlying strengths and weaknesses in the constitution of the person.


Remedies that match the symptom picture of the person, to treat disease, but can also resolve underlying inherited weaknesses.


To ensure holistic management of your health, resolution of any emotional issues that may be creating a block in your health, are treated with a range of different Flower Essences: Bach, Bush, Californian and Perelandra. Liquid crystals remedies are used to support the changes at a deeper vibrational level, bringing positives outcomes.

Intuitive Healing

With Medical Intuition, energetic blockages are seen within the body, and Angelic and Shamanic Healing tools transform the soul/spirit. Reiki, Pranic Healing and Crystals cleanse and release blockages in the aura and chakras. Sound and Toning shift vibrational disturbances. Uncovering Past life issues encourage negative patterns to dissolve, which brings in healing at a Quantum level.

If you have been searching for the missing piece of the puzzle for creating true healing. Personal and spiritual growth becomes easily accessible.

Alkymia facilitates energetic balances and intuitive assessment both in-person and at-a-distance (phone or skype).

Services provided for one to one, groups, teams and businesses.

Alkymia is the answer you've been seeking.
“We are the keepers of an intuitive intelligence so powerful it can show us how to heal. It's time re-claim that wisdom, look inside yourself and find the answers”.

Release Obstacles

Break through negative patterns

Mariangela helped me to find my own inner strength and courage.