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Alkymia's Child, Mariangela discusses her writing experience

I journaled about my experience leading up to the birth of my first son. Later it extended to his sleep issues and my struggles with an unsettled baby, with multiple food and chemical sensitivities.  Writing was an expressive outlet, a place where I could shed and release my burdens.

Shamanic Drumming

Mariangela discusses the medicine wheel, and demonstrates Shamanic drumming. She plays her purple drum, sharing information about the medicine wheel. Drums in the four directions, above and below, and connects into the heart. A shamanic healing to re-centre and ground.

The 3 Steps to Igniting your Voice - Video 1

Discover the 3 reasons why people remain silent, frustrated and separate.

The 3 Steps to Igniting your Voice - Video 2

Discover the transformational technique for empowered expression

The 3 Steps to Igniting your Voice - Video 3

Be an empowered speaker using this technique

Discover your soul gifts, own your spiritual power, activate your life purpose.

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Mariangela awakened me to my path, such a beautiful shining light. 

Alice, Hobart